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Other Services

A range of dedicated services for those with specific or different needs from the organization of their wedding.

Proposal planner

Who is it suitable for? Surely to those that are looking to amaze their partner and want to recreate a truly magical and memorable moment for both.

What are the ideal places for a wedding proposal? Certainly, Venice or Verona, but also fascinating and mysterious places such as an ancient abbey or a castle.

Just dream of your moment, we will take care of making it happen.

Bridal styling

A service that many brides love and desire. Our “Bridal Styling” service is dedicated to the future bride who wishes to arrive at her wedding day, cheerful and calm.

Image consultancy for the search of the perfect look, posture advice and assistance during the preparations before the fateful “yes”.

You can decide whether to use our help even only during the wedding day, for an important help during the preparation.

Web Site

A service that can be combined with our offered services.

The website will allow you to share important additional details to the wedding with all guests, such as: info’s about dress code, accommodation, transfer, guide, tour, wedding list.

Symbolic ceremony

It is the solution for foreign couples that want to celebrate the wedding easily.

It is also the perfect solution for couples who want a personalized ceremony full of emotions.

Our service dedicated to this need provides for the preparation of a text suitable for the event and enriched with special rites such as that of light, sand, rings and much more. The presence of the celebrant is expected on the wedding day.

Guest Travel Management and Concierge Services

There are no words to describe the feeling of having all your family and friends attend your wedding in a far-flung dream destination. However, traveling and showing up to such a memorable event may give rise to many questions. Not to mention any requests on the day of the wedding. Dedicated to your guests and tailored to your needs, concierge services will ensure complete peace of mind from the moment your guests reach the destination to when they leave it.

We also take care about the night before the wedding day, in fact we arrange for the guests a rehearsal dinner (get in touch) and the day after the wedding we usually offer a brunch.

We can also provide to organize bike tour, wine tasting, boat trip and cooking experience, fashion shopping and other activity tailor made for you.

Private and corporate events

Our team takes care of any event. In addition to weddings, we design and manage private and corporate events, from birthday party to anniversaries, from the opening of a store to the presentation of a new collection.

If you need a well-planned and particular event, we’re the right answer for you.

Do you want to know how can we help you?

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