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Wedding Planner in Italy

Who decides to choose us, as wedding planner in Italy, find competence, professional, accuracy and creativity.
More than Weddings was born from the desire to transform our great passion for organization in a real job, combining our experience with the creativity that distinguishes us.
Over the years, we have specialized in planning and management of exclusive weddings for couples living abroad and who choose Italy as their destination wedding.
We are a constant and discreet presence, able to manage and support every single moment of the journey made together.
We have a strong problem-solving talent, we live every event with great enthusiasm, preparation and seriousness.
Our experience as a destination wedding planner, gained over the years, has allowed us to consolidate a working method, which allows a precise organization of all aspects about the planning of the wedding as well as careful and professional management on the day of the event.
We usually work with a network of very professional suppliers of the wedding sector, which we have evaluated and approved over time, with whom we feel we can guarantee a great success for your special day.
We organize weddings in the most beautiful venues in Italy. Those who turn to us are looking for a unique event organized down to the smallest details.

Wedding Planner Marta Maioli

MARTA MAIOLI - Wedding Planner & Founder

Born and lived on Lake Garda, a wonderful scenery where people and cultures from all over the world mix together.
“I grew up with tourism, this experience had opened my mind, having a luck of dealing with many international cultures from all over the world, deepening my knowledge of foreign languages, my great passion. I am an incurable romantic and a very positive person.
I love creativity, extravagance and I always look for originality, that particular thing that distinguishes us, which removes us from the gray monotony.
During my university studies I worked for many years in fashion and cinema area, later I got a degree in journalism.
One of my great passion is travelling all around the world.
Knowing new cultures, different people and discovering other traditions. I think that those experiences open my mind, horizons, and borders become undefined. My choice and vocation to become a Destination Wedding planner in Italy brings together all my experiences and passion, available to couples who choose us”.

CRISTIANA VENTURINI – Wedding planner & Founder

“I was born in the beautiful setting of Asolo, a great medieval village but now I live close to the majestic and unique Venice.
In the past I worked a lot in fashion system as organizer of commercial events. I used to coordinate teams of people. Those experiences gave me the opportunity to apply all my knowledge in wedding planner job. I am a very curious person and I never get bored to try new experiences.
I love travelling in Italy and abroad, I love sea and sailing.
Organization, precision, dedication and empathy are characteristics that represent me and that I make available to those who choose us as a wedding planner for their wedding”.

Wedding Planner Cristiana Venturini

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We usually arrange whatsapp call or Skype call with our couples from all over the world.
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