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Wedding in Sicily

Sicily is one of the favourite destinations for couples wishing to get married in Italy. An amazing island located in the south of Italy. A region rich in history, breathtaking views and with an incredible gastronomic culture.

Those who choose to get married in Sicily will be surprised by the wide availability of venues that offers this beautiful area of Italy.

What location does Sicily offer for a memorable wedding in Italy?

The “bagli” are certainly characteristic. Here you can breathe the tradition of those who love the Italian tradition of southern Italy. Once they were farms with large courtyards, today they are used as beautiful venues for a wedding with a relaxed and magical atmosphere and live a 360 degrees experience.

And if you prefer an unconventional location, why not choose an old “tonnara”? In the past they were places reserved for tuna fishing, today they have become exclusive venues where you can organize a wedding by the sea.

The hospitality you will find in Sicily is truly unique and will give you a memorable experience.

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